Lek It Be

Last year, the majority of birdwatchers, photographers and wildlife guides chose not to look for capercaillie.

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Keep up the good work

Thank you for leaving capercaillie in peace this spring.

Now one of our most vulnerable birds, there are only 532 capercaillie left in the UK. Disturbance is one of the pressures pushing this much-loved species closer to extinction.

But, we can all help.


Capercaillie need our continued support


Why Lek It Be

Launched in 2023, the Lek It Be campaign is reducing disturbance during the breeding season and promoting adherence to the law.


How you can help

From the latest guidance about responsible access and simple ways to spread the word, it has never been easier to help capercaillie.


Lek It Be Champions

Lek It Be Champions are guiding companies and operators that are leading the way and not looking for capercaillie.