Virtual capercaillie watching

Near or far, enjoy new capercaillie experiences online and in the Cairngorms.


Capercaillie dust bath cam

This camera is looking onto a capercaillie dust bath on the RSPB Abernethy reserve in the Cairngorms National Park.

The dust bath is occasionally visited by capercaillie - including females with chicks - who will ‘bathe’ in the dust to rid themselves of parasites on their feathers and skin.

Although capercaillie don’t visit the dust bath every day, this camera provides useful insights into capercaillie on the reserve.

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Virtual lek

Virtual capercaillie lek

Currently shortlisted for Sustainable Project of the Year, the Capercaillie Experience in the mews of Balmoral Castle is a chance to enjoy capercaillie lekking in high definition whilst immersed in a recreated Caledonian forest.

The experience also provides an opportunity to learn about capercaillie in Royal Deeside - past and present - through interactive elements and is free for visitors to Balmoral as part of general admission to the Estate.